Jack Turner


I Got Next

by Jack Turner

Released 2015
Turner Entertainment Artist
Released 2015
Turner Entertainment Artist
A new movement in contemporary jazz guitar. Rooted in standard, soul, acid, funk and Hip-Hop jazz fusion@.
Don Martin, founder of Style Quarterly.
As the world of music continues to revolve around the landscape of rapid technological advancements unlike
ever before, we at style quarterly are keeping an ever attentive ear to the sound of tomorrow. The comprehensive styling of
Jack Turner's " I GOT NEXT" project is the personification of a styling we at style Quarterly believe will be instrumental in raising the proverbial bar, and setting the stage for a "new kind of movement" in contemporary jazz. "I GOT NEXT" demonstrates
an "immersion of soulful traditions and formulations" crafted to fascinate the inner soul. Brace yourself for an unusual journey into "the future of jazz" as you swerve down a familiar yet "newly paved street" called memory lane. - Don Martin, founder of style quarterly.